Dramatic Example Of Prescription Drug Rip Offs

by HolyMole @, Thursday, November 01, 2018, 21:14 (81 days ago) @ James

All so true. My 90 tablet, 80mg generic Lipitor at Target or at Walmart runs $330. At Canada Pharmacy out of Vancouver, the exact same order runs me $79. Something is wrong with this picture.

For comparison, I just filled a prescription for 180 tablets of 20 mg rosuvastatin (a generic of Crestor, competitor of Lipitor's atorvastatin). Total price $45.52 Canadian, (ballpark $34 US), which INCLUDES a $10 dispensing fee! So, the drug cost was $35.52C or $27 US.
Careful, that "Canada Pharmacy" out of Vancouver appears to be gouging.

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