shopping list includes dog food?

by Julian, Sunday, November 04, 2018, 19:07 (9 days ago) @ Talley Ho

I’m glad your dog is recovering . Our golden is finally back to his normal self today . I’ve been consulting with our US vet daily about his condition . We haven’t heard anything back from our official complaint from Alaska either . I’ve got a contact at Alaska corporate and I’m escalating it there . I was pissed about the red carpet treatment of the Air Canada flight when they wouldn’t even offer our poor pups water after their horrible treatment . I would not suggest anyone bringing a dog in currently unless they change their policy to follow the first off contract . We got lucky to recover our dogs . It’s going to be a PR nightmare when they pull off dead pets in front of tourists but they don’t seem to care . I guess they learned no lessons from the united media shitstorm about a dead dog .

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