What could possibly go wrong LOL

by HolyMole, Thursday, November 29, 2018, 12:07 (176 days ago) @ Tess

It's SO much nicer walking around with that part of the street closed. And anyone with mobility issues can still be dropped off at the ramp between what used to be Porto di Mare and Casa Marina Cafe - still close enough to stores and restaurants. Love it!

That ramp IS on Juan Alvarez! If I read it correctly the noon to midnight Sunday closure will be Juan Alvarez from the pier up to the corner of Vicente Guerrero, ie Robs corner), the last two blocks of Cinco de Mayo, Armado de Mexico (the block that loops to the parking lot at the pier, and the parking lot itself. It won't impact me because I walk but traffic will probably be a mess and the taxi drivers will not be happy campers. B-)

Sounds like those who have some mobility issues, and who have to take taxis to get to-and-from Centro in the first place......like us......also won't be happy campers. I wonder where taxis will be dropping-off and picking-up? Looks like maybe some stay-at-home Sundays, or at least some avoid-Centro-at-all costs Sundays.

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