Presidential Inauguration Sat. -- no boozin, por favor

by zulualpha, Thursday, November 29, 2018, 13:55 (233 days ago)

From time to time, "Prohibition" rules in Mexico. ¿Que? Yes, the country`s new president takes ofice Saturday, Dec. 1, and to celebrate the occasion la ley seca comes into effect. That translates as no booze sales -- dry! Undoubtably, "special permits" will be made available to bars, so those thinking of strolling about the downtown core Saturday evening, without multi-decibel music accompaniment, might want to reconsider. And if you normally do your booze buying on Saturday, think Friday.

The incoming Pres is a true populist; he likes to sample public opinión a lot, using the ballot box. Suggestion for the next vote: "Do you think la ley seca should be abolished?

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