Memory lane; attn. Rob Whitehead

by Lalo @, Saturday, December 01, 2018, 12:51 (174 days ago) @ Anthony Cossette
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I too spent many winters in Zihuatanejo ( and yes, the old timers used to call it Zihuat ) from 1972 until 1982. I still go back often and continue to love it. I too knew Ascension and where his house was on the path to Playa Mahajua. Simon and Yoli used to have a little palapa above the beach and made simple meals and sold refrescos. We occasionally slept out there under their palapa which saved them from having to transport all of their supplies home each night on their burro. The beach there was developed and then abandoned probably in the 90's. It is no longer a destination for tourists but there is a road that goes by it on the panorama road to Ixtapa. The population back then was around 2500, today it is over 70,000 so it's safe to say you won't recognize the town. It still has a certain magical quality which seems to lure many old times back time and time again.

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