Memory lane; attn. Rob Whitehead

by Anthony Cossette, Tuesday, December 04, 2018, 02:53 (226 days ago) @ Lalo

Thanks,Lalo, for the update and warm reference to Simone y Yoli. Now that woman had a laugh! What brain cells I have left seem to preserve memories of that time and place; I guess I may be moving into the reminiscing stage and the most poignant ones come to me at a time when poignancy is in short supply. Of course this is only in comparison.
Still, I recall one hot lurid afternoon on a dusty main street when a besieged bitch in heat ran panting by, hounded by a throbbing throng of miscreant mutts of every possible genetic miss-match you can imagine. A metaphor for something, I suppose, and not a politically correct segue to the #MeToo movement of today.
So now Z is 70,000.... I may never return and be pleased with the decision not to do so. I reference the cliches and do not want them applied to me;something about a William Blake poem and a sunrise.
Did I ever tell you the one about.......blah blah blah.
Tonight I may have a cigarette and dance amidst the Nativity scene in the park, hounded by hooded hooligans for inappropriate behavior. Oh well, I make what I can with what I've got.
Take care, Tony

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