Memory lane; attn. Rob Whitehead

by islandgirl @, Cowichan Valley, Thursday, December 06, 2018, 01:40 (170 days ago) @ Anthony Cossette

Some years ago, I returned to Zihua after a 20+ year absence. I dug out the old photos of people I had met, got copies made and carried them with me where ever I went. When I met people who said they had lived there for years, I showed the pix and asked if they knew the people. In some cases, I knew where the people had been, so went back to see. For example, I went to La Perla with pix of Javier & Francisco. when I showed the pix around there, it brought a lot of laughter, as they had changed a bit over the 20+years!
I found a guy who had taken me out fishing back then, and showed him the photo of him, shirtless, hauling in a fish. He said 'OMG! Look my body!' We all laughed.
I also hit dead ends with some, and were told about others who had moved away, & where they had gone. I gave those I did find the copies of their photos.
Actually, I still bring back copies of people's photos for them. I think they appreciate it.
Do come back. It is still special, there is just more of Zihua to love!

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