Feeling Zih Love

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, December 27, 2018, 17:52 (171 days ago) @ Paulf

When the people feel things are getting done in their community, it really makes a difference in their attitude. So many times it stays the same. When we moved to Mount Sterling in 1999, there was a election for the mayor. Most of the people were happy because the Good Old Network was defeated. The sad thing was another Good Old Boy Network took over and there was no change except the people in charge. Now we have a new younger person elected that was a member of the city council and is a Vet. We have hope that things get better(Mount Sterling is a wonderful little historic town East of Lexington). We all have hope. I can remember when we first started going to "Z" in 1999. There have been so many changes since then. I wish the new mayor is what "Z" needed. I can remember walking from the train to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and seeing how many workers there would be to just change a light bulb and a driver sitting in the truck. It's the same way no matter where we live- it takes the people getting tired of whats going on to make changes at the ballot box hoping they voted for the right person. Jan 12th will start our annual 4 week stay by spending our first week at Villa Mercedes. We love getting up and doing our morning walk and just taking in the ambiance of "Z" and greeting our friends we have made over the years as we walk by their restaurants. Kathie and I are so lucky we found our Utopia we visit every year (hard to believe it will be 20 years in January when we did a Apple Vacation tour staying at The Dorado and falling in love with the area).

What a beautiful and thoughtful comment, Paul. You do indeed go from one paradise to another. I love that region of Kentucky. Still have family and friends in Lawrenceburg, just west of Lexington. They love it there.

Thanks, Paul!

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