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....."dermatologist in Zihua. I am looking for a Dr. to who perform Botox and Fillers injection. Can someone tell me if this Dr does this or can someone recommend a Dr. that does. Thank you all. Suzanne"


I have seen both mentioned local dermatologists.
I do know that Dr. Martínez does a good suture job for cases that need that.

What I wanted to recommend is another lady Derm in Acapulco, who besides having her own private clinic called "Dermazul" is also the staff Dermatologist at el Instituúto de Cancerología en Acapulco.
She is Dra. Guadalupe E. Estrada Chávez.
As a bonus she is billingual, her English is excellent.
Her consult fee was $800 in November 2018.

I find it well worth making a trip to Aca from Z to see her.
I would rate her much better than the 2 local Derms.

Her contact is:
744 481 01 55
Dermazul Clinic is in the area called Fracc. Costa Azul, which is near the CiCi/La Comer area just off the main strip Costera Miguél Alemán there in Aca.

Hope U find this useful.



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