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by Sotavento, Monday, December 31, 2018, 22:50 (795 days ago) @ DanCip

Hi Dan,

I'm not avoiding the topic at all. I came on this list with a view to being very open an honest....

The reservations you refer to were made under an old regime that went into liquidation/insolvent. The new developer was a lender who foreclosed on the property and has committed new capital and expertise to finish it. I"m not sure why you would expect them to honour a deal made by a previous developer who went insolvent. Especially if that deal was to honour a price that was over 2 years old and for which the other party didn't actually make a material deposit. The reservation holder never actually agreed to pay the purchase price so, why would you expect the developer to honour the purchase price....that wouldn't make sense. Lot's of people put their name on reservation lists but never intend to buy a unit.

To be clear, you didn't buy a unit; you simply implied that you were interested. Those that actually acquired units wrote cheques for at least 30% of the purchase price and had their deals honoured. There were 39 original unit owners of which 35 have decided to remain with the project and 4 have decided to sell their units for a variety of reasons and we're assisting with that process. Most unit holders have seen the values of their units double since 2012.

What I'm a bit confused about is, in your most recent posts you go to great lengths to expound as to why you would never buy in Zihua, how you'd never be able to rent your unit and how there is never any price appreciation (most of your assertion are incorrect but, that's not my point) So, why are you so upset that your reserved price wasn't honoured if you think it's such a bad idea to acquire a unit anyways? It should be a moot point to you.

Clearly you're very angry or bitter over something at Sotavento or with life itself.....I can't help with that. It wasn't me, or the new developer or Trevor or anybody else...the world simply went through a great upheaval in 2012 (great recession) and Sotavento was one of the many, many things that got hurt (think of the countries of Greece or the housing correction in the USA). You can either accept that and move on or, remain bitter...your choice.

In the meantime, I'm happy to add clarity to the project and answer questions and concerns. However, I've zero interest in being the focus of your bitterness.

Zihua is a wonderful place and whether you rent somewhere or own a unit at Sotavento, it's hard to go wrong.

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