Adiós 2018 ¡FELIZ AÑO 2019!

by HolyMole, Tuesday, January 01, 2019, 00:43 (517 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Back at you baby!!!

One dog has her thundershirt, the other goes under the bed. We get to watch from the third floor like you two.

Happy happy!

I almost hate to say it because I don't trust judging books by their covers, but after catching a glimpse of the guy responsible for the fireworks this morning Lupita and I are sure we don't want to be anywhere closer than a half kilometer, and we'll most likely watch with a roof overhead (if at all, we really see a lot of fireworks here and they get old fast).

We were safe, watching the fireworks live, from 4000 miles away. The livecam at Playa La Madera allowed us to see the fireworks there, as well as those on Playa experience we found a tad bizarre. We even noticed the odd Chinese lantern going up, hoping they wouldn't drift over to the places around Xihuacan (Sp?).

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