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by DanCip, Tuesday, January 01, 2019, 00:45 (841 days ago) @ Sotavento

For people reading this blog please note the tone of this Sotavento representative. He represents the general tone of how you should expect to be treated when they are confronted with your concerns & facts. It’’s your standard take it or leave it developer attitude, Ya know the one, it starts with “DO YOU GOTTA FN PROBLEM MAN”..!! And also notice that when confronted with their reality that I’m the one who’s upset, I’m the one that’s angry, and I’m the one that’s bitter.

Let me first respond with a layup response to “why I would never buy in Z”. #1) We only buy an investment at a price where we can see some capital appreciation and/or if we can cover monthly cash outlays. #2) We had signed a contract with Sotavento at investment appropriate price & because of that contract & commitment we felt bound to wait for its financing & completion over the past 3+ years (sadly when you folks raised the price you in enhance “stole” my capital appreciation making the investment unattractive).

Regarding “lots of people that never intend to buy a unit”, that they were just “implied” sale. My brother did reserve a unit in 2015 and a contracted to purchase, by providing the only form of payment requested, a credit card was provided (but never activated) to reserve the unit. He & I intended on being be partners. He/we waited for 3+ years for the project to get sorted out and reached out to the sales representative to “finalize” the sale at least once every 6 months. At that time a contract WAS created by the sales rep that is also a current representative of the company. So from a contractual perspectives there was a offer & acceptance, consideration was offered & accepted, and a unit was reserved for the special per-sale locked in price. All of this constitutes a valid contract and NOT someone just putting “their name on a list”. And when my brother attempted to reach out to work out a compromise this (I assume) company representative refused to return the calls.

Now this constant banter about “well that was the old regime” stuff falls on deaf ears. The new company simply stepped into the shoes of the old company by evidence of the facts that you have the same sales employee(s) on staff, you have the same reservation list, and you’ve contacted the same future purchasers to confirm their CONTRACTS. And you yourself, in your post, admitted that people who contracted & reserved units have doubled their money - you stepped in a took their profits by increasing your prices. All this is a thin excuse to screw over and increase the prices on the people that were simply trying to get a pre-sale locked-in price.

To future buyers ask yourselves what’s to prevent them from doing this again; by locking people into a contract, then sell the list of their new shell company and then increase the prices again so they can meet their new future ROI. Then when you complain you get the treatment you’ve witnessed in the previous post.

No we didn’t just fall off a taco truck yesterday, your simply a salesman pushing a deal together who’s primary job is to make a profit no matter who you have to roll to get it...

Again I will be a renter and not an owner in your initial offering (I’ll wait till the current owners sell at a discount)...

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