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by DanCip, Tuesday, January 01, 2019, 13:31 (794 days ago) @ midalake

I've found that when a company hires someone to be their spokesperson they're hiring someone who puts the company's best foot forward, a person that represents the company's values & vision, a person that demonstrates grace & poise while demonstrating to their target audience that this is a company that you would LOVE to do business with.

To future buyers at Sotavento note the tone of their spokesperson. If this graceless spokesperson represents the best this company has to offer, if he represents the values of this company, then I would be concerned about the people that hired him to sell "hospitality" in Z, and I would be especially concerned about any future interactions with this company. Frankly, If he was my spokesperson he wouldn't be any longer.

Note that you never once in this thread saw an apology, never once saw an attempt to have a meeting of the minds, never once saw a willingness to introduce other senior management to address my concerns, never once admitted that he may have gone to far in personalizing my postings. No this is what bad corporate choices lead to - it starts with hiring a spokesperson that is not only not qualified to serve the interests of his future clients & his company's mission (client hospitality). What is needed is a soft touch, not a heavy hand...!! Frankly, he appears to be over his head and he should just go back to managing the humble and very hard working constructions workers and stay away from any forms of social media.

To my fellow Z/I/T Message Board members/participants and the Host of this blog I sincerely apologize for the overall tone of this back-and-forth thread between myself & this supposed spokesperson for the new development at Sotavento. I'm officially done with this dude...cause ya know the old saying: never fight with a pig, because you will only get dirty and the pig likes it...!!

I've enjoyed reading and occasionally participating in your blog. Again I thank the host for his uncredited work. Hopefully we will bump into to one of you during our next annual visit. Zihuatanejo is one of the most beautiful places on earth - my family has been going there for over 15+ years (wow has it been that long). When planning our annual visits my friends, almost to a person, say "Mexico?, Mexico?, isn't it dangerous?", and I always respond by saying "I've been to many bad parts of Boston & LA, London, Spain & Ireland and ya know what they have dangerous places too , but Mexico, NO, we've never ever had any problems, you just need to stay in your own swim lane". The people of Mexico are humble & generous. The food is INCREDIBLE. This year, like every year, my family looks forward to a mid-afternoon lunch at El Murmullo, happy hour on the beach at Irma's, a cup of coffee at Loot (gee I hope they stay in business), our annual visit to the village to see what our favorite artist Ed (I hope that is his name - he never objects to us calling him that) has painted this year (he has T-Shirts now!!) and last but definitely but not least maybe a couple of delicious dinners & many Margaritas at one of the most romantic & breathtaking views on the Pacific Coast - La Escollera.

For the next few years will be more than likely just be renters in Z, and in time we will be owners. In the meantime it appears that we're going to be investing some of our set-aside real estate dollars in the city of Uclulet, BC Canada so that we can constantly enjoy it's Pacific Ocean beauty, while enjoying the rustic hike on the Wild Pacific Trail (check this place out - its fantastic).

Nos vemos pronto y ten un hermoso día, y un feliz 2019...!!! (please have someone traslade for the junior "spoksperson" - LOL!!)

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