Favorite places to eat authentic food in Ixtapa or Zihu/Ixta

by HolyMole, Friday, January 04, 2019, 11:15 (586 days ago) @ Paulf

When the street was closed for such along period of time, was afraid our favorite would not make it. What is amazing not only have they come back but you have more. It feels as if there is more people using all of the restaurants- old and new. Our favorite is across the street coming down from the canal bridge with his tables set up between the stairs. He went to Chef's school during the time. It is great seeing how vibrant the street is. We love having breakfast at one of the little places and people watch. Normally in the mornings, it's not as busy. What I like about the street is how friendly everyone is. What is great, you'll be having breakfast and coffee and see someone you met a couple of years ago. That is why we love staying at Villa Mercedes for we are right there.

If you are referring to the extensive roadwork done on Calle Adelita a half dozen years ago, the street never fully closed, at least not for pedestrian traffic. For example, except for perhaps a couple of days, Salvador's remained open throughout. For months we climbed over and around mounds of rock, mud and concrete.
I love the post subject: there's nothing like "authentic food". You know, as opposed to .......... One of our local ice cream manufacturers, (Breyers?) actually has printed right on their packaging: "Made with REAL ingredients".
Thank goodness.

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