Favorite places to eat authentic food in Ixtapa or Zihu/Ixta

by needshendy @, Friday, January 04, 2019, 12:14 (513 days ago) @ HolyMole

I know of so many places but not names or addresses! Just how to walk there. Common problem I think. All Rob's suggestions are good, I especially like the ones without web sites. Walking around a few blocks off the normal tourist path and see what places are full of locals is a great indicator as well. The goat taco cart is fabulous, usually on a corner of the fruitarea street behind main market, prepare to stand in line and wait. Like #8 in the Mercado Solidaridad (sp?)for lunch specials, Auri for light and late supper (beside Hotel el Tropico) and fabulous chile rellanos con camorones at Chirinquitos on Playa la Madera (especially when grandma is cooking!)
You really can not go wrong in Zihua!

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