Temporary Resident Card my experience

by Gringo Viejo @, Kansas/Zihuatanejo, Saturday, January 05, 2019, 19:46 (515 days ago) @ Fly on the Wall

I think you have to make application at a U.S. or similar consulate. I could not get a temporary here but had to wait until I was in US. to go to consulate and make application. I did this and was asked why I was asking to a temporary when I qualified for a permanent card. So I applied for a permanent card, the consulate told me to come to Mexico and within 30 days I had to go to immigration and I would be given a permanent card. When I came thru immigration at the airport I think I came in on a tourist visa and then went to immigration in Z to get my permanent card

My bro in law came in a year before I did and they would only give him a temporary and he had to convert to permanent. The only difference between my bro in law and me was he came a year earlier and my provable income was quite a bit more.

Advantages I know of is toing thru the resident line instead of the tourist line at the airport. Disadvantage is you must go thru the immingrtion off at the airport to get a departure permit.

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