Temporary Resident Card

by VinnieD, Sunday, January 06, 2019, 11:55 (163 days ago) @ Fly on the Wall

One of the main advantages of residency is that you can stay in Mexico for more than 180 days. If you travel back and forth on a regular basis this may not be an issue. There is a possibility that you could also save money on capital gains when you sell your place but you would need to check with a lawyer, or whoever you get to help you sell your place. The process to obtain residency now dictates that you apply at a Mexican consulate, outside of Mexico, and you can pay for all 4 years at once. Once you have the process complete, you appear at Immigration not the aduana as this is not a customs thing but an immigration thing. Migration checks you in and out, aduana checks your luggage etc.
As mentioned when you leave Mexico by air you must present yourself at the INM kiosk at the airport to complete the paperwork that will let you fly. It's a paper trail thing as all nationals and residents need to do this when they leave Mexico, or at least I've heard that Mexican's do this too. Pain in the ass but when you return to Mexico you can go through the line for Mexicans and this could save you lots of time. Don't forget the paper the immigration officer gave you when you left Mexico or else you come in as a tourist and your residency is null and void. A real pain in the ass.
Once you are a Residente Permanente you can not bring a foreign plated car into Mexico so if you want one, you need to buy a car in Mexico or import one, and that's a real pain in the ass.
I would suggest that before you go this route, you investigate further on your own. Many, many sites on the internet where you can get information. I'm pretty sure we all can give you some advice and some may contradict each other. Or, if you know someone who has obtained residency you and your spouse could talk to them in person and ask many questions.

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