Getting my household items into Mexico

by ToddJerad @, Tuesday, January 08, 2019, 00:15 (8 days ago)

Few questions . I have furniture (no appliances) that I want to import to a house near la ropa. I am finding this process extremely difficult and could use advice. I have about a 12 ft box truck worth of household goods. Companies handling transport through customs want 15000 US dollars from Los Angeles CA which is crazy imo. I have the list of goods completed etc and quotes were based off list with sizing. Has anybody else contracted a mover from California , other USstates or Canada ? Is this amount normal to ship a small truckload in? This route didn’t require me going to Mexican Consolate.

Alternatively I need to gain residency either permanent or temporarily to contract a customs agent to cross My goods into Mexico? Anyone know about this process for shipping? I have the means to tramsport the furniture to the border myself. I guess this route is less expensive and I can cut costs this way to accomplish my goal. I can hire a Mexican moving firm like a Castores to bring to Z once across border. I have read on here a few of you drive it into Mexico yourselves but that isn’t an option for Me for a few reasons. How do I bring super cool vintage furniture from my CA house to Mexico without selling a kidney?


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