We did it in June

by Talley Ho @, Tuesday, January 08, 2019, 13:05 (103 days ago) @ ToddJerad

Respectfully, we have always lived within a couple of hundred meters of the ocean, and I was born beachfront. The only issues we have had with the deterioration of items has been electronics. They don't last as long really close to the water. Other items, including vehicles, do just fine as long as you give them the care they require.

In June, we brought down our household items.

October,2016, we got our permanent residency, skipping the temporary one. In February, 2017, we bought a house here. We decided to move here permanently and bring "some" stuff down with us, mostly our kitchen items and our art. We bought a vehicle here and an 8 foot enclosed trailer, both plated in Mexico. I drove them to California, he drove the RV. In less than 3 months we were back, having divested ourselves of most of our possessions including a house, RV, car and everything else. We found out that we had had our permanent residency for too long to use a menaje de casa, so started contacting import brokers. We had almost no luck having anyone want to even talk to us because we didn't have enough stuff.

We decided to box everything, write a semi-itemized list of contents on each numbered box and make three hard copies of it too. We also took photos on our phone showing the sequence of loading and what was in the trailer. We loaded up the trailer the Durango the two dogs and the cat and crossed at Nogales at 6am on a Tuesday, statistically the easiest day to cross at the location that is easiest too.

When we got to the "Items to Declare"line, we were pulled aside. We had our lists, our pictures and were prepared to pay whatever and spend the day. A woman came out, looked at our lists, and the trailer. She wanted us to unload it until we showed her the photos on the phone. Then all she wanted to see was under our paddle boards. That was easy. Her boss came out, looked at another set of our lists, the photos, and told me to follow him to the office. He charged us 3,000p duty, paid only by credit card, gave me the receipt, shook my hand and we were on the road in 35 minutes.

We sold the trailer and Durango within 3 months and bought a more appropriately sized vehicle. We are very happy here in paradise.

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