Ruins of old house or hotel on walk to Las Gatas

by seattlejim, Tuesday, January 08, 2019, 17:43 (1429 days ago) @ Fran

Thank you for posting this story, I would truly appreciate anyone that may have picked up some of the old stories around the Sotavento from the days when a few famous and infamous folks would hang out and the wild parties they had. I also always wondered what happened to all of the photos that adorned the walls of that place we enjoyed looking at them (I sure hope someone has them in a safe place and will publish them at some point). If those walls could speak I am sure we would all pull up a chair and listen. I miss that place terribly, thank god the Catalina has some of the old staff and those memories for now we continue to enjoy and truly appreciate..

Many thanks to this post..cheers

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