Got 2 to 3 hours to Kill?

by Casa Juan @, Tuesday, January 08, 2019, 20:37 (13 days ago)

Go pay your predial/property taxes after 9:00 am best to go at 8:00 am, I got up early on 1/8 and found other things to do until around 9:45 am when Today I went to the Municipo de Zihuatanejo to pay property taxes. When I entered the area where payments were being received I was given # 131 and calmly took a chair, an 1 and half later I was called to pay my predial. After 10 minutes, one of two properties was promptly addressed. I was told it might be better to come back in an hour for the second property.

I left as suggested and returned 45 minutes later and was given the cuenta form I needed to take to the caja to pay the taxes for both lotes. I was approximately #40 in the caja line and was able to exit approximately 2.5 hours after I started.
The process was amazingly well organized with no real line cutting that I could see. The major problem, as I observed while waiting to pay was very poorly performing computer systems which appeared to have a hard time calculating simple amounts even after the property data was correctly identified.

There was seating in a shaded area, drinking water was passed out and all the employees seemed to be trying to be helpful.

Could be worse, but I suggest go early if you want to pay before 1/31/19 in order to get your 15% descuento.

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