Got 2 to 3 hours to Kill?

by Talley Ho @, Tuesday, January 08, 2019, 21:29 (13 days ago) @ Casa Juan

Thanks for sharing.

Yes, always having reading material helps, but interaction with others and just plain people watching is always great. That's why we can sit on the beach a couple days a week-people watching!

We have last years paperwork, but supposedly with the INAPAM cards, we'll get a 50% reduction in taxes if our copy of the trust shows the names on the cards. It's worth a try.

Last year for the vehicle we were changing names, forms not available until the end of Feb, and then the new plates, mid Feb, but couldn't do until we could change names. The woman who runs the place is very nice and helpful as long as you can speak Spanish or at least do a good job of trying. She was nice to us.

We'll go there soon to renew our plates.

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