Navy / Marina Hospital in Istapa

by blondebrownie, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 13:07 (132 days ago) @ noelofthenorth

Approximately 5 years ago, my husband had a ferocious bronchial infection and was unable to breath. On the recommendation of a "Mexican friend" we went to "la clinica de especialidades". Dr Molina attended to all his needs. He was hospitalized for 3-4 nights. Dr Molina speaks English. The cost was $3500 approximately. Ex-rays, steroids, nebulizers, antibiotics, oxygen and who knows what was in the 3-bag IV. I slept on a cot in his room, assisted him with bathroom needs, and helped interpret the nursing staff. You have never had bland hospital food until you eat there. He was not allowed to drink coffee. We were sent home with hand written instructions detailing the exact care for the next week until we went home to the US.
The next year, the same thing happened to my husband again! We went immediately to la clinica de especialidades. Between myself, a clinic nurse (who spoke some English) and a Spanish speaking Dr, my husband was diagnosed with the same issue. Injections were used for the next 3 days. We avoided another hospital stay!
Then two years ago it was my turn. I had ripped off both big toenails on a lounge chair accident. Dr Melchizedeck (sp?) was amazing. He spoke enough English to get the job done.
When returning back to the US, we both saw our local physicians. Only praise was given regarding the care we had received.
Just a note: There are no nurses aides. You need to have a spouse or friend with you for extra help. A cot or bench is provided for your helper.
We highly recommend this clinic.

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