Las Gatas

by victorio, Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 10:50 (121 days ago) @ msgt2be
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For swimming and snorkelling, in front of the first few restaurants after you get off of the pier are the best. It is sandy there. It can get very crowded there however. The other end is quietter, but the beach is rocky so I good pair of water socks would help. There is no charge for the chairs or lounges, but you will have to buy something, food or drink. We always go to the third restaurant, Chez Arnoldos, but they are all good. I wouldn't go on the weekend, way to busy. You will have to bring your own towel. Snorkel rentals are available at several places on the beach. Ask your waiter for help in finding them. If you are wanting to see the anchor and the Jesus statue, they are near the pier end of the reef. Good snorkelling.

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