by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Saturday, February 02, 2019, 19:03 (595 days ago)

We have now lived here full time for 15 months. Yes, we are SO happy!

In November we were finally ready to start shopping for furniture and move out of our plastic chairs, tubs and those things. After finding four furniture places we did a lot of deciding and sitting. We wanted comfort first and a great look second.

On November 16 we paid 60% of the price for 10 pieces of custom wood furniture. We provided the fabric for the upholstered parts because we are like that and have always collected and used appropriate fabric from all over the world.

The prices were shockingly ridiculous. Ten pieces of custom furniture, we chose the wood and finishes, cost us a whopping $49,800 pesos. Do the math. That's a cheesey couch in the US. Turns out delivery was included.

Today, 2.5 months later, the furniture all arrived. OMG!!!!! Words don't say what we want to. The plastic chairs are in the bodega and will go away.

An acquaintance from the board has found yet another source, even cheaper. We'll have to see his stuff when it arrives and get more pieces from someone.

Living in Zihuatanejo is living in paradise.

IF you seriously need/want furniture, ask and we'll share what we have found.

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