bringing butter

by Tess, Monday, February 04, 2019, 11:07 (378 days ago) @ Curbarn

Most Mexican butters contain margarine, check the labels. The person who owns the oeganic food store on Higos, told me that only Alpura is the only company that doesn't. I haven't verified this because I buy my butter from the organic store. I believe her as she gave me the name of a competing product without hesitation. Perhaps people are nostalgic for the taste of margarine, I however am not. I completely understand bringing your own. The label of the mentioned lurpak, second ingredient is canola oil.

You have the wrong Lurpak, obviously the tub of spreadable. The cubed Lurpak butter is pure crema de vaca, cultivo lactico, y sal and tastes and cooks like real butter. https://www.lurpak.com/es-mx/nuestros-productos/lurpakr-mantequilla-con-sal-100g/?fromlanguage=en

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