Shooting in Centro.

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Tuesday, February 05, 2019, 14:26 (110 days ago) @ allen

Feb 05 2019

Excerpt from post by allen

......."Those damn narco bars were sure to cause a problem sooner or later."

@ allen


En el "calor de las copas" anything's possible, e.g. violent activities.
Among other things related to those bars and some of the clientele who frequent them, these types of events are more than a latent problem, quite to the contrary.

As a side note about the bars en el Centro, particularly in the area of el Zócalo:

One opened up around a month ago, called "Mala Copa", if I recall correctly.
It is just next door or so to the pharmacy to the left of OXXO in front of el Zócalo.
I could hear the "pum-pum-pum" pounding bass noise emitted from that pigpen almost as far down as the parking lot of el Muelle. It's even noisier :rockband: than the bar "La Ingobernable" :-/

As usual, con la complacencia de las autoridades, who obviously aren't actively enforcing environmental Norms related to noise contamination.


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