sea snake / EEL's

by HolyMole, Thursday, February 07, 2019, 21:28 (708 days ago) @ juanrojo

One other possibility given the girth mentioned is a Zebra Moray Eel.

The snake eel tail appears like it could have bee sharpened like a pencil, almost a perfect cone.

Moray eel tails are pinched flat from the sides but taper down from top to bottom.

I have very often seen the spotted snake eels Midalake mentions as they pursue small crustaceans in and sometimes out of the water in the fairly firm hard sand of La Ropa's wash zone.

On one instance in particular I saw an eel almost totally disappear right down into the hard sand of the wash zone, sometimes partially submerged, sometimes with the last two inches still exposed above water. I was already familiar with the two very different eel tail types mentioned above.

Logic and behavior suggested Snake Eel but it was a pinched flat while tapering Moray eel tail that disappeared right before my eyes and camera. This story is a bit off topic but the point of my story, (tale), is that if a moray eel can suck itself right out of view in the relatively hard sand of the wash zone then one could just as easily be lurking under any sand surface, any time.

A nice fat Zebra Moray Eel is another good guess depending on the stripe direction you recall.

Several times over the years, snake/eel-like critters have come ashore while I walked along Playa La Ropa. Without fail, the locals insisted they were sea snakes, when even a non-expert like myself could see they were eels, not snakes.

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