MegaCable carry CBS or ABC?

by HolyMole, Sunday, February 10, 2019, 15:02 (594 days ago) @ mexicoman

You will not find the Big 3 networks on Mexican cable.

We're on Megacable here in Col. Centro and we get:

---CNN International on Ch. 162 (repetitive, nauseating self-promotion hour after hour, but the only reliable English-language news station available here)
---FOX NEWS on Ch. 163....which I wouldn't watch if my mother was on.
---NBC on Ch. 177, but, for some reason, no sound
---ABC on Ch. 178, ditto re no sound
---CBC on Ch. 179, (that's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for those of you from the States).....again, no sound, and I don't think it's actually the CBC anyway, but more likely Global, or CTV, which are the Canadian networks more closely aligned, at least politically, with a FOX NEWS....but not nearly as blatantly ignorant.

Don't know about CBS.

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