Other Beach Cleanups

by Casa Juan @, Monday, February 11, 2019, 10:16 (476 days ago) @ Eli

First thing I should try to do is get the spelling correct, I think its Mahauay but only a guess from El Centro if you go out towards La Noria, you can take a right past the Pemex station then a left a few blocks later and then you are on the old road to Ixtapa, there are signs for the Wydnham resort on the right, go past those and on the left you will start seeing an elaborate stone wall, a little further you will see two large ornate gates with one open, then its down the hill on a decent concrete road,

I have to leave town today but hope to be back by 2/15 and can contact you by phone to confirm. I have a small pick up and can provide bags,
I will know my schedule better by 2/13 and will email you.
Gracias. John

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