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by juanrojo @, Thursday, February 14, 2019, 15:17 (154 days ago) @ Gringo Viejo
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For background information SOME car rental companies will have a posted sign on their wall with the exchange rate posted. The casual tourist will be aware of the day's rate, say 19 pesos to the dollar. The sign will clearly state the rate to be used is 22 pesos. The casual tourist may think to themselves that's even better than the ATM gave us honey!!. They don't realize they are buying dollars with pesos and NOT pesos with dollars until they get home.

I realize that this was not communicated to Hromero's friends even with Hromero kindly intervening but it can occur and sometimes in writing on the contract. The customer should also check the initial rental amount for the same treatment if USD was involved then.

A rental company we use in a different market offers a choice of USD or peso payments and the peso payment always works out much better for Canadians especially but also for Americans.

Ultimately OUR charges are from peso bases exchanged by our bank in a normal way. The rental companies can charge whatever rate they like if a customer has signed a contract agreeing to a rate and probably without a contract but at great risk of loosing business. The agreed upon rate may not seem relevant to a customer initially paying cash for instance but MAY still be in a contract as a potential charge which optimists tend to ignore as an unlikely occurrence.

Hoteliers and other kind people should not have to be lawyers or bankers when helping out, kindly helping out, but get ANY agreement in the currency of the vendor and the exchange will be as fair as normal.

Please be happy always

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