easy cheap fishing

by blazian @, San Diego, Friday, March 22, 2019, 08:56 (509 days ago) @ Timole

The boat captains in Barra are about half the cost of the ones in Zihuatanejo. about 100 dollars for 4 hours, depending on the boat. 4 hrs is fine for inshore fishing, its gets so hot that I am usually done early. They have basic trolling gear, which we caught a bunch of skipjack and bonitos. I brought my travel spinning rig which was fun casting in to the rocks, caught numerous species, Tigre was one of them. tastes good! If you want to go after sailfish, you may want to charter out of Zihuatanejo, bigger more comfortable boats like a cabin cruiser for $250 plus. We fished the rocks by the cliffs, Los Morros islas and of course the beaches.

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