I stand by Rocio

by Snowbirdy, Monday, March 25, 2019, 08:14 (581 days ago) @ Marty

Hi Marty,
I am glad you got good work from Rocio. Like I said before I am just relating these incidences for the benfit of public discourse. That’s the point of this forum, isn’t it? And, no I don’t work for a competing dentist.
To return to your restaurant metaphor, i am not commenting on how good the filet mignon is without ever having tasted it myself. I am instead letting others know, hey some people got food poisoning at this restaurant, so beware. Do i myself need to have been sickened in order to warn others? I don’t believe so.
I am not interested in deterring others from staying with rocio if they like her work. I just thought it was responsible to enter these accounts, along with all the others, into the public record. Particularly because my friends went to her because of what they read here. Just trying to keep it real.

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