Troncones allegedly confirmed shark incident

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 12:37 (465 days ago) @ cd69

Rob, that is incorrect regarding being an alleged shark attack as yes, the photos were shown to shark experts who all said it was likely a young bull shark bite. And let's not discredit first hand account as the victim saw a shark biting him. There were 3 shark attacks in the area in 2008 and one this year and as correctly pointed out, back then and now we have the same situation with cold currents that do tend to bring sharks and people should be careful. Having said that, it is 4 attacks in over 10 years so for the amount of people swimming in the area, it is a low incidence. In 2008, they had a total of 9 attacks on the coast going all the way up to PV. I will hope this one attack is the only bad news we hear this year.

News reports are all over the place on this and I haven't even tried to keep up with them all. After days of skepticism by locals now I read that experts concurred it was a small shark, though the experts are not named anywhere I can find. Okay. Now not an alleged bite but allegedly confirmed. Gracias.

What I was actually more interested in was finding the source of any alleged cover-up. Those would be the names I also can't find though several people claim via social media that folks in Troncones tried to cover it up. I have a hard time believing that. Even the victim now says that as far as he knows no one tried to cover it up. Earlier reports said the opposite.

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