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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, April 29, 2019, 12:21 (294 days ago)

Apart from the approximately 370 metric tons of daily garbage on average our Semana Santa visitors left behind on our streets and beaches, we seem to have survived the past 2 weeks mostly intact. Some tattooed rapper tourists from Michoacán left what looks like a huge version of their gang colors emblazoned on a wall in our Plaza del Artista (I'll not give them publicity by posting it here, but you can find photos in local newspapers if you're curious), and many of us are fairly indignant about it because they allegedly received permission from a local functionary who has no such authority. It will soon be painted over.

The remodeled section of the Paseo del Pescador still has its ropes and still looks fairly decent except for normal wear and tear and a few hundred chiclets spit out along the walkway. I forgot to take note of the new plants but will do so during our next walk that way.

Town seems strangely quiet without the constant murmur of so many cars and visitors. I'd almost forgotten what a nice quiet town Zihuatanejo can be. The streets have plenty of parking places available again, and there aren't crowds from buses carrying coolers and floating toys and rolling suitcases down the bumpy sidewalks and streets. After the mad rush to get students to their classes this morning everything quieted down, with only a few late students running down the streets hoping to be allowed in school (historically students aren't allowed to enter school late, but recently a court ruled the students have to be allowed in, though many of our nice laws remain simply ignored as we all know).

The AFTER photo. The pavement has a few new stains, which is normal, but generally the Paseo still looks good.

Lots of us folks over 170 cm tall were happy to see this modification of the Paseo del Pescador in front of the restaurant La Rana René at Playa La Madera where previously the extension of their roof had us ducking to pass under it. Now if only they'd get rid of those fugly awnings spoiling the view of the beach.

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