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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, May 02, 2019, 15:07 (434 days ago) @ midalake

Odd? My wave forecast which goes out to May 8th shows normal waves. This year has really not produced a wave event. I suspect it is because of the lack of typhoons this year.

Lights? Turtles? Nesting?...….Maybe it would be best of Sea turtles stayed out of a polluted bay anyway?


The polluted bay? That's neither true nor very nice of you, Dave. What gives? I worry about you locked in that condo tower with all those firearms. You been snortin' again?

Maybe you should enter the fishing tournament to help you relax and see Zihuatanejo's beautiful bay up close. The entry fee is only $18,000 this year. :fishing:

Totally relaxed:kingtut:
I do not do drugs :dude:
I have lots of guns, entering my property uninvited would be a mistake. :shocked: I would never enter a kill fishing tournament. :rant:
The bay is polluted regardless what you think :grrr:

Back to relaxing, have a great day. D

If you drink alcohol, coffee or use “medicines” then you “do drugs”.

You base your “pollution” comment on what criteria? The entire ocean is polluted, and the ocean in front of your condo is no exception. Since there currently is no source of overt pollution in Zihuatanejo Bay, our bay is no more polluted than your beach. You do realize most of Ixtapa, aka the 8,000 Casas Geo, have no functioning wastewater treatment plant the same as Pantla, Barrio Viejo and Barrio Nuevo, all who release their effluence into Río Ixtapa which reaches your beach. Just sayin’...

You should take care bragging about your illegal possession of firearms. This is a public forum. Your firearms are most likely either going to get you in trouble or get your condo burgled. Again, just sayin’. I couldn’t care less personally.

Right on about the kill tournament.

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