Mexican allowed to own guns legally in Mexico.

by D-Loco, Thursday, May 02, 2019, 21:11 (391 days ago) @ zkaliman

I live in Mazatlan about 9 months a year and in cd Juarez when I'm physically needed to work in El Paso.

If you are not involved in illegal activities it's extremely rare that you will be the victim of a crime in Mexico. Almost all if not all sicarios have guns and their organizations have an entire arsenal of military grade weapons, planes, helicopter and so on. No matter what touchy-feely security your 9mm or AR would bring you it would do you no good against the sicarios and their support of co-workers. If you want them to fend off some dude stealing your copper plumbing from your roof it will bring you more attention from the bad guys that you weren't getting when you didn't have the fire arms.

When I lived NOB I did own firearms and would again if I lived there, but that's not gonna happen.

My opinion, which is what you seeked.

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