Questions on Driving to Zihua

by ZihuaRx @, Wednesday, May 08, 2019, 20:41 (385 days ago)

I've always wanted to drive to Zihuatanejo, but the trips have been too short to warrant it. I have wanted to do it on my motorcycle, but it would be difficult with my two hounds, which I hope to bring. I will be coming from Saskatchewan, so I assume that going straight south and entering Mexico through Texas would be my best option. I've looked in the archives, but unless I am missing something (and I very well could be) there is nothing recent. What I did find is that most people go through Laredo. I notice there is another border town called Eagle Pass so I was wondering about that. I guess my main questions are: Am I crazy? Can I make it from Mexico border to Zihua in two days? Is extra vehicle insurance needed or permits (I will be there for about 3 months). Anything extra for the dogs beside rabies, etc.? Is it dangerous and what should I watch out for? I've been coming to Zihua for 30 years so I do get the wild west part of Mexico and quite enjoy it. I feel a little strange asking this next question as I don't want to sound like a scared Canadian. Is cruising down in a 2018 Ford Expedition okay or should I get something else? So that's about it. I could use preferred routes, how often to get gas, where to stay and anything else. If you're nice enough to reply maybe treat it like your talking to not the roundest marble in the bag and I may be able to figure it out. I think my wife will be smart enough to fly down so I will want to make as many miles in a day as possible. We hope to do some sight seeing on the way back. Sorry about the wordy message and thanks for your time.

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