Zih Punto de Vista

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, May 10, 2019, 11:42 (383 days ago)

Not having a pier seems to have taken the air out of Zihuatanejo. Fishermen don't have their benches to sit on or their landings to embark from, and some were just sitting around on the wall across from the Capitanía's office while others were just milling around aimlessly. Maybe their coffee wasn't working. I'm surprised the ayuntamiento didn't think to provide a floating pier. Thank goodness today we still haven't seen the effects of the predicted mar de fondo, but sooner or later they will still pose a challenge to using the beach as a boat landing for the water taxis and sportfishing clients.

While we've had some smokiness and some heat, all in all the weather is still extremely pleasant, especially the evenings. I can't ever recall a May where we've still pulled bedsheets over us at night. Usually by this time of year it seems the fans can't move the humid air enough to provide relief, and bedsheets remain tucked into the bed.

Some tourists finally showed up today for Día de las Madres, though I haven't seen very many. Hopefully all the restaurants and flower shops are doing a good business. When I worked at a couple of flower shops on Sanibel Island we would have orders pouring in days if not weeks in advance, and there would always be flowers from "George and Tricia", George C. Scott and his wife, to her mother who lived on Sanibel. As well as to Christopher Walken's mom who lived on Captiva. That was a job I really enjoyed, especially on a day like Mother's Day, going around bringing smiles to lots of lovely women. A favorite line of mine when delivering them was "I wish these were from me, but they're from..." and I'd read the name on the card.

Clouds keep rolling in like they want to rain, but then float away and dissipate.

The beach is ready and waiting.

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