Questions on Driving to Zihua

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Friday, May 10, 2019, 15:34 (283 days ago) @ ZihuaRx

Entering in Texas will reduce your miles in Mexico. Gas is expensive here, so it helps. It is currently right about 20p per liter.
Pemex and the new gas stations you'll see on your route will all take credit cards. That helps.
Toll booths do NOT take dollars so just work on the assumption that as soon as you are in Mexico, it's pesos. If you don't have many already just map out the closest ATM. It's worth not having to pay the penalty you'd get in exchange rates if you purchase them through your bank in Canada.
Vets are everywhere and very affordable. Through the years we have had things come up and more than once just stopped at the entrance into a small town, asked where the vet was and gone. Easy.
Mechanical issues? I think we have had them all. Mechanics and tire places are everywhere. We had a few through the years that had minimal tools, but could repair almost anything. You have a modern vehicle, you'll be fine.
You will have a wonderful adventure that you wife will be jealous of!

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