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In addition to the comments and links made by others, I would like to share this link which shows that not only has our "war on drugs" not reduced drug use but it has actually increased as a percentage of the population. Regardless of whether you think a specific proposal will solve the problem or not, it is clear that the U.S. current strategies are failing not only its own citizens but the world as well.

I choose this site because it is based on real studies and funded in large part by the "Bill and Melinda gates foundation" whose motivations I consider to be largely neutral and wanting to tackle problems based strictly on the facts. The interactive graphs are also quite interesting and easy to comprehend.

Drug usage in the U.S. over time

If you want an example of how drugs might be better tackled, look no further than tobacco usage. Once a ubiquitous habit in the U.S., it is now much less so and it was achieved through education and treatment, not prohibition. Those who still wish to smoke tobacco may do so with the only restrictions being on how they impact those around them.


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