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26 May 2019

Re: ..... "Are there any pediatric endocrinologists in Zihua?"

Hola RC:

Behind the Hospital General Bernardo Sepulveda you will find the "C.I.A.D"
=Centro Intregral Atención Diabéticos

I used to take my daughter there.

I don't know whether or not the following Drs. have the specific specialty you mentioned.
Though they all care for diabetic patients.

La Doctóra Lucy Olbera handles patients of all ages with that ailment at C.I.A.D.

Dr. Donaciano Valdovinos Valencia used to head the clinic, and is also a very good Dr.
Another expert is Dr. José Milián Calvillo
La Parota 9, El Hujal, 40880 Zihuatanejo, GRO, México
(755) 554 05 00 Cel. 755 113 64 28 consulta previa cita


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