Hopeless Spanish

by SweetSusy @, Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 16:54 (374 days ago)

We started coming to Zih 25 years ago. We would visit every couple of years. About seven years ago, we started coming every December for two weeks. About four years ago we decided to add another two weeks in in March. We are now debating between all winter or just giving up and moving full time. It just seems right when you start missing it the second you step on the plane to come “home”. Here is one of my biggest concerns. For the last five years I have been trying in vain to learn Spanish. I have done Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, taken private lessons, taken class lessons, taken lessons on the computer, spent countless lunches “conversing” with my native Spanish speaking friends, turned my phone from English to Spanish, tried not speaking English unless absolutely necessary (it is necessary when you have a boss and co-workers that only speak English), when we are in Zih I try and only converse in Spanish. And I still just don’t get it. My husband keeps telling me once we are there full time for an extended period, I’ll get it, but it’s so frustrating! Any tips that turned you from a bumbling Spanish speaking idiot into at least one that can make some sense and actually understand when you ask for directions what the person is telling you? UGH! #HopelesslyStuckInEnglish

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