In love with Z, but great deal in at Azul Ixtapa, need help

by KateP @, NEFL, Thursday, June 06, 2019, 20:03 (360 days ago)

We've been to Z a few times, staying at what used to be Brisas del Mar (now Aura del Mar?) and eating and socializing local. Loved every minute, and have always wanted to come back.

We've since moved to a place where airfare is more expensive by a LONGshot, and it also takes longer to get there, so we've been away for a while.

We now have a deal through a friend to stay at Azul Ixtapa for an incredible price. Like, cheap enough that we could just forgo at least half of our all inclusive meals and spend time in Z, Las Gatas, Isla Ixtapa, maybe even fishing, etc... and still be ahead of the game money wise as if we went to Z.

BUT. Will we hate it? We've spent a sum total of about 3 hours in Ixtapa over several Z visits, and could take it or leave it. Does anyone have first hand experience with this particular resort? As I said, we'd have the option to spend a good amount of time away, but at the very least we'd need to sleep and have a couple of meals there to make this worthwhile.

Aydanos, por favor. We're feeling stuck.

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