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by Fran @, Evanston, IL, Friday, June 07, 2019, 11:55 (360 days ago) @ findmatt77

People who stay at Catalina usually have a preference for one set of rooms. Many prefer a specific rooms. People who return often start in one room, look at other rooms and settle on what they want the next year. Rooms are different but I’ll try. All rooms face the ocean. Views run from unobstructed to through the trees but all have views. The trouble with trying to describe the various rooms is that they are all a bit different. And as many Catalina guests as you ask, you will get a different (and often passionate) testimony about the best rooms to stay in. But part of the charm of Catalina is that it is a different kind of hotel.

Casitas are close to the pool and beach. As I recall, views are unobstructed. They are the smallest and oldest rooms. No AC. Great location. They are a great value and quite popular. They tend to be booked year to year. Rooms have a double bed and single bed.

There are a couple of Standard Casitas still in original condition. They are larger than Casitas and further up the hill. No AC. They are a good value if you can get along with sea breeze instead of AC.

Bungalows are located in the iconic terraced white building you see from the beach. All the rooms are slightly different so it’s hard to be general. They have AC. Either one king or two queen beds. Good sitting area in the room which can be used as beds (for children). Rooms have a sheltered private private patio and an open shared deck. Views are panoramic. Rooms are located on the mid-level of the property so you breakup the stair climb. If you prefer more privacy, there are a couple of bungalows on the lower level closer to the pool that don’t have the shared deck.

Playa Suites are remodeled Standard Casitas. They have a private patio set out as a living area. They are spacious. King bed or two queens. AC. Close to the beach. Furthest from the office and bar/restaurant. I think all the views of the ocean are through trees.

Linda Vista Suites are new construction. I really haven’t seen much of the interior. They are very pretty rooms in a nice setting.
Linda Vista Suites are popular.

The Honeymoon Suite is a freestanding bungalow. It offers privacy (hence the name). It has a private deck. Quite spacious.

Disclaimer: we stay in a Playa Suite. We like the proximity to the beach. We like the room layout. We stayed there before they were redone, when they were Standard Casitas and loved them then, too. We love the view of the ocean through the trees. We love the patio. We also stayed in Bungalows for many years and loved the panoramic views and the space in the rooms.

I’d say make your best guess for your first year. If you like being at Catalina, ask to see other rooms while you are there. As you meet people, they may be willing to show you their room. And if you have specific questions you can send me a message through the envelope next to my name.

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