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The Casa Mya Story

BACKGROUND: I, Dwight McCarty, moved permanently to Zihuatanejo in Oct 2016. Yolanda Serna Lara became my soulmate very quickly. We were married Nov 8 2018. On May 24 this year she was killed in a one car accident. I am se vision impaired and have serious heart problems and other ailments and not capable of living alone. I have moved to a condo in La Noria with caregivers. The house must be sold immediately.

DETAILS OF THE SALE: Although the property sale and transfer may appear complicated to some the astute buyer will recognize the value in this property. Yolanda and I have spent a total of 2.5 million pesos invested in the land and construction. The net proceeds to the children after all expenses are paid by the buyer is if to 800,000The sale is actually two phases: An estate settlement and a sale. I have no legal standing or interest in the property-I am only helping the 4 children through the process. There are various costs involved in the settlement of the estate=legal and court costs for example. The buyer will pay these expenses as needed and then process the sale thru a Notarie and Escritura and a Fidel CCOMISO. The buyer will have a contract with the children and a lien on the property. The buyer WILL HAVE IMMEDIATE POSSESSION and will have full use of the property. A caretaker can maintain the property if the buyer cannot move in immediately.
PROPERTY DESRIPTION: See youtube.com for video “Dwight McCarty;s Zihuatanejo Casa”We bought six lots and combined them together to make parcel a238A. The lots are 30 x 15 meters and one corner is cut off to make space for the subdivision road. The lot s an L. The lot is fenced. It has numerous small palms, fruit trees and flowering shrubs.

The property has a 15 meter cased drilled well. I has provided a huge volume of water even in the dry season. It has a concrete septic tank.
The house is masonery and is of open air design with huge windows covered with screens and iron window guards. The windows are huge. The house is 6 x 12 meters (800 s.f.). It has a wrap around patio with metal roof. The patio more than doubles the space under cover.

The entire floor is upgraded tile and the master bath has extensive tile.

The sellers are in no position to bargain and buyers should not hesitate to make an unreasonable offer. The goal is settle the estate and see the property in the hands of someone who appreciates t.

If you have questions or interest please call me at 406 426 0030 or email at mccartyde@aol.com. Property descripti

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