Playa la Ropa Artisans Market

by nadador @, Oregon, Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 11:46 (118 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

WOW! Our family used to stay at Temo y Mary's bungalow back in the mid-late 90s. We would navigate the artisan market each trip to the beach, in those days it was busting & every stall was FULL of handmade wares. Passing several times a day, we knew most venders & their ninos by name.
In more recent years, most stalls are boarded up and with the exception of (I think) two original venders, the ones that are open are selling chips, t-shirts & plastic toys. Those wanting to go to Mary's kitchen still have to navigate the busy NARROW passage.
I hear what you're saying, Rob, about the artisan market missing the mark. But that tiny cranny of the la ropa holds a lot of fond memories for me and this news is bittersweet to hear.
I am curious what this means for Temo y Mary (and their kids that help run their tienda & kitchen). I imagine this would be very good for business for them as they would have more exposure.

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