Playa la Ropa Artisans Market

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 12:31 (149 days ago) @ nadador

Last fall we got a new presidente, or mayor. One of the many things he has done is to enforce permits. They cleared Playa la Ropa quickly. Many massage tents were removed, a number of things were enforced, for example, how many tables and umbrellas businesses could have on the sand as per their permit.

Cinco Hermanos and Mary's restaurants were both on the sand at the end of the Artisans Market. It was so densely filled that is was extremely difficult to walk through the tables and umbrellas, even without a chair. With a chair, it wasn't possible. Cinco Hermanos had their table and umbrella numbers enforced along with their actual location: half of the sand at the south end of the beach access, and not in front of either hotel. Mary's apparently did not have a permit to be on the beach.

Mary's made a huge change, they could no longer be on the beach, so they completely redid their existing restaurant up by the street. They rewired, replumbed, built a new kitchen and a lovely large covered dining area. It is very nice, and at least for now, the only business along the beach access. Normally we speak to Mary, her husband and son every morning as they are opening, but there were no signs of life this morning except a massive water leak in their parking area.

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