Alternative tourism - what`s that? Well...

by zulualpha, Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 15:57 (459 days ago)

Zihuatanejo will play host to a week-long festival gay next month, in an effort to increase tourism in this sector.

The announcement came at a June 11 press conference, attended by three City Hall officials and executives of the civic organization "Feel the Love."

Entitled Semana Rosa, the event will kick off July 1 with the unfurling of a "rainbow flag" at Plaza Kiota, and will feature cultural, fashion and sports activities.

"Pink Week" will also attempt to increase awareness of the social challenges faced by members of the gay community, not only in Zihua, but nationally. Municipal Director of Gender Diversity, Carlos Garcia Y., said young gay people face "aggression from with the nuclear family," and that "the biggest enemy is not drugs or alcohol, but religious prejudice."

Zihua`s Tourism Director and Social Services Director also attended the press conference. (Despertar de la Costa)

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