$100 USD from airport to Thompson’s

by Aunt Chelada, Thursday, June 20, 2019, 08:04 (147 days ago) @ patrickherold

Patrick, I would like to be your personal guide. I can get you from the airport to the Thompson for about $95. We could stop along the way where I can get you a deal on beer for less than $8 a piece and a couple of $15 tacos if you're hungry.

Seriously, you were given some bad information. Use this site for any questions you have about Zihua as there are some well informed people here willing to help you that not only vacation here annually, but live here year round.

As for Cabo, IMO that is just a suburb of California owned by Mexico and should not be compared to Zihua in any way. Over priced and over rated. A great place for those who have too much money to waste and like to claim they have been to Mexico. More than likely after experiencing Zihua, you will never go back to Cabo.

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